For over 30 years, Stepper has been developing and producing innovative, technically gorgeous and stylish frames. Starting business in Germany, Hans Stepper realized the importance of a comfortable fit and always considered the correct arrangement of corrective lenses in front of the eyes for correct optical correction as the most important goal of the frames. In his work, Stepper organically combines functionality and attractive appearance. Stepper – these are the frames with a comfortable anatomical fit, light and airy, of high quality. For the manufacture of frames, modern high-quality materials are used, which give wide possibilities for exact execution of constructive and design decisions. For plastic frames such a material was TH5, and for the metal – titanium and beta-titanium. Stepper frames are designed for those who value comfort and excellent quality. Ergonomic shapes, modern materials and design, the main focus of which has become a newly comprehended classics – will fit people of different social and age groups. The Stepper frame collection is probably one of the largest in the optical market. Among its models the fans of various styles will surely find their ideal frame: from fans of the smooth classics to advanced fashionistas.

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