EYECROXX is technology and style.
The technology of the glasses always works for comfort and reliability. And here all materials and designs decide. Materials in EYECROXX frames are the most modern developments. More specifically, these are TR90 and Ultem plastics.
TR90 already uses a number of brands on the market, primarily due to its lightness. But Ultem is a rather unique case. This material was developed for the aerospace industry and is now widely used for industrial 3D printing. Among its main features: strength, lightness, flexibility and environmental friendliness. Lightness and convenience provide the same comfort, and durability is durability and resistance to damage. But environmental friendliness is about guaranteed safety for the human body (so this plastic is also used in the food industry with high standards of biocompatibility) and about its suitability for processing without harming the environment.
As for technologies in construction, we should focus on Clip-On and Technoflex technologies.
Clip-On (magnetic sunglasses on the frames) significantly expands the functionality of the glasses. This is a real 2 in 1: glasses for vision correction and sun protection. The EYECROXX collection even has models with several variations of overlays for different styles and different applications (eg yellow lenses for drivers). So there may even be three different models in one.
Technoflex is a special flex design without the use of closed springs, which makes this solution much more reliable, lighter and more original in terms of appearance.
And finally about the brand image. EYECROXX is first and foremost a youth collection. Therefore, the style meets all the requirements of this audience. And here it is a matter of following global trends: in design it is a mixture of different styles for easy combination of Clip-On in support of this position, and in technology – the use of modern environmentally friendly materials that meet one of the strongest modern trends – smart consumption to protect the planet. Well, the variety of design moves in shapes, colors and decor will not leave anyone indifferent.

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