BOLON – Elegance, Avant-garde, Conceptuality, Fashion, Design …

The BOLON glasses and frames is an elegant design, trendy colors, high quality, ease and comfort. Glasses and frames of BOLON inspire men and women to create their own, fashionable, and at the same time, a unique image. BOLON is a brand of celebrities. In 2015, the face of the advertising company BOLON was the most famous French actress Sophie Marceau. In 2016, the face of the brand became one of the most charming American actresses – Anne Hathaway.

In 2017, the image of advertising company BOLON became the face of a top-model Haley Baldwin. In June 2017, the magazine MAXIM chose the top model Hayley Baldwin as the most sexual woman of the year. The style of BOLON collection is the result of creative collaboration between designers and technologists of BOLON and ESSILOR.

To create high-quality models, BOLON uses the world-famous Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and TR 90 (Memory Resin) gelatin production of Switzerland. For the creation of metal parts of glasses and frames, BOLON uses steel that has undergone laser grinding and finishing. The light and durable steel parts of the BOLON glasses and frames have a thickness of only 0.6 mm.

In order to provide maximum comfort, safety and beauty, ESSILOR lenses are installed in BOLON sunglasses. ESSILOR is one of the world leaders in the production of lenses. ESSILOR is an advanced production technology, high quality and amazing color lenses.

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